We are raising funds to find out if DINO RUN 2 is possible!
If you want to support this effort:

We are currently working on prototypes and a new website! Watch this space and SIGN UP TO BE NOTIFIED of all future Dino Run 2 activity...


Q: Huh?
A: We are starting to make some first steps towards a sequel to Dino Run. We don't want to do a limited time all-or-nothing crowdfunding campaign for the whole game right now, since there are too many unknowns. However, we *are* going to run some experiments and make some prototypes, and this takes money! So this is PHASE 1 - we have about 3K to put towards the very first steps of a sequel.

Q: I already contributed to the DX campaign, does that help?
A: Of course! It got us to where we are now. Also, we'll be launching PHASE 2 in October, which will be a more direct way to help our Dino Run 2 efforts. If you were a direct funder of the last campaign, we'll contact you when it goes live.

Q: How many phases are there?
A: Probably about 3. This is PHASE 1 - raising a little money and doing some tests. PHASE 2 will be next month and get us funding for hopefully a vertical slice of a single level, complete with all the bells and whistles Dino Run 2 should have. And PHASE 3 (2018) will be our BIG PUSH to get the entire game done. We're doing this as slowly and safely as we can, with as little risk for supporters as possible.

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